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Crystal Lake Criminal Lawyer

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If you’ve been arrested on a criminal charge in Crystal Lake, IL, you are probably anxious, confused, and wondering what to do next.  Should you just plead guilty and accept the deal that the prosecutor is offering you?

The answer to this is an emphatic NO.  Prosecutors who offer you a deal are doing it for their own reasons, not to help you out.  If the prosecution’s case is weak, they may offer you a deal so that they can be sure of obtaining a conviction. The charges filed against you will almost always be the maximum for your offense, not the minimum.  Or there may be some evidentiary issues or violation of procedure that only a defense lawyer would spot immediately.  Or the prosecution may be in a hurry to settle cases because they have a large workload – if this is the case, the situation could be used to your advantaged.  For these and many other reasons, hiring an experienced defense lawyer who has defended many similar such cases is always your best option, and accepting a harsh sentence of “guilty”  without trying to fight your charge is not.

The Illinois court system — indeed the court system throughout the U.S. — can be a cold and uncaring place for the initiated.  The key to a best outcome in a criminal case is to hire an experienced lawyer as soon as you can.  Don’t fall into the common trap of thinking you can’t afford a lawyer – think instead of what is likely to happen if you don’t hire a lawyer.  If you are convicted on for a criminal offense, you may face stiff penalties and the very real threat of jail time, particularily if you have prior criminal arrests and/or convictions.

Attorney David B. Franks understands that a criminal charge and arrest can be overwhelming. He knows the importance of acting immediately in a criminal defense case to avoid unnecessary or unwarranted time in custody, or perhaps to have your charges reduced or dropped before your arraignment.  Attorney Franks defends clients on all types of criminal charges from assault to burglary to indecent exposure to possession of weapons.  He has successfully defended clients in Crystal Lake, McHenry, Algonquin, and other McHenry County communities.

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